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Heidi Couper Language Services provides translations from German, French and Spanish into English.

All too often, translations can sound stilted and contain glaring errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. At Heidi Couper Language Services, texts and transcriptions are thoroughly proofread for fluency and clarity to ensure that they do not read like translations.

An honest assessment is made of each job and particularly idiomatic or technical terms are checked with a native speaker to ensure absolute accuracy.

Heidi benefits from a bilingual upbringing in German and English and has a degree in French and German from Bristol University. She holds the IoLET Diploma in Translation, with a Merit in the science paper.

Heidi translates or proofreads brochure copy, business websites, podcasts, CD booklets, powerpoint slides and seminar texts. Being a keen musician, she has an excellent ear for audio transcriptions and has worked on film and music video production. She has written and published a research document on teaching modern languages to visually impaired children and has also worked as an editor on a major educational website for the British government.

Heidi worked for several years as a linguist in an international press office and a travel company: the Royal Academy of Arts and PGL. She is a selected Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


What My Clients Say

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Mikael Nakkas

My Accomplice

We were very impressed with the quality of Heidi’s work. Not only was this large translation accurate but it also flowed extremely well. It certainly was one of the best translations I have ever seen!

Alex, Project Manager

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